P/N : MPW-7001-PCABN1-WO
Warranty : 3 Years


Power Up
The Elite – v3 series power supply unit is a dependable choice for entry level PC builders and office work systems. The quiet 120mm fan, Active PFC, and 3 year warranty deliver a PSU that provides function and resilience you can count on. It’s the perfect option for work horse systems stored and operated in less than ideal conditions and climates. This PSU has been engineered for reliability with a focus on reducing random shutdowns in conditions where power sources are inconsistent and unstable, making it ideal for locations prone to experience brown outs. The Elite – v3 is a complete solution, offering performance and stability at an affordable price.
High Temperature Resistance
The Elite – v3 can operate at maximum load safely in environments up to 40°C. No matter what country or climate your system exists in, this power supply unit can handle just about anything you throw at it. This makes it a great option for work systems operating in warmer locations such as enclosed spaces with limited ventilation, dessert regions, and in small, cluttered cases.
Peak Power Tolerance
This power supply unit can push out an additional 100W above maximum load for up to 10 seconds before turning off. This will allow your system a chance to save data and complete current processes in the event of output surge or overloading. While it may not be a feature you’ll actively need all the time, it can be extremely useful in an emergency scenario.
Active PFC + Forward Topology Design
A power supply unit works by taking power directly from the wall or other fixed power source, converting it to the correct output required by the connected components, and then distributing that power to said components. If any part of this process is interrupted or executed poorly, the connected system components and the PSU itself could be damaged. Active PFC uses a circuit to correct power factor leading to reduced total harmonics, corrected AC input voltage, and increased overall efficiency output.
Durable, Reliable, And Safe
The Elite – v3 will perform consistently in whatever environment you throw at it whether it’s high altitudes above 5000 meters or ultra humid settings like a tropical rain-forest. This unit was designed for work systems meant to be used in extreme conditions with challenging temperatures. Do whatever you need to do wherever you need to do it without letting your hardware limit your goals.
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