P/N : MCM-PI400-MNNN-S00
Warranty : 1 Year


Designed for on-the-go users
The Pi Case 40’s compact dimensions allow it to be portable, while the aluminum, TPU, and plastic housing keeps it safe from impacts, minor liquid splashes, and light dust.
Cool-looking, Cooler-Running aluminum core
The aluminum core of the Pi Case 40 serves as a large, passive heatsink to keep the Raspberry Pi running cool and performing at its best without requiring a loud fan. The Pi Case 40 offers an unmatched amount of surface area for its size, allowing higher GPU and CPU frequencies out of the box.
Reprogrammable Power Button
The case comes included with a power button to easily power on and off the system without having to remove the power source from the Raspberry Pi. The power button is reconfigurable to any other action with a simple change in code.
Easy-access Ports
All ports are quickly accessible thanks to a no-interference design. The GPIO ports are rotated 90 degrees and accessible via the side flap in the TPU bumper. A slit in the TPU bumper allows both Display and Camera cables to be routed outside the enclosure.
Universal Mounting
4 VESA/wall mounting brackets come included to fix your Raspberry Pi to every surface and monitor.
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