P/N : TPD48G3200HC22BK
Warranty : 3 Years


The TEAM GROUP design team had built a heat spreader with an all new exterior design concept. ELITE Plus is designed using high contrast color blocking and angle cutting. The brand new look of samurai’s helmet-like design brings out its killer visual style. Double V ridge style represents the concept of conquering the peak and carrying the honorable duty of providing stable high speed user experience. The two eye catching color schemes black & gold, black & red create an artistic value which is worth collecting like a samurai helmet.
High-efficiency aluminum heat spreader
ELITE Plus is using high-efficiency aluminum heat spreader to increase the radiating area to offer a more secure protection for the memory. Thermally conductive adhesive are applied on all products so users don’t have to worry about overheat anymore.
Marvelous folding type heat spreaderprovides high efficiency coverage
The folding type heat spreader will subvert traditional products. If you have an aerial view from top of the ELITE Plus, Team Group’s logo will be showed and the visual design flawlessly presents our signature brand.
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